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Due to unexpected demand, our FI Airgap intake manifold is currently out of stock. We expect to have them ready to ship by January 29th. 


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News & Updates

11/22/2017: We've got another customer ride added to our gallery! Check it out! CLICK HERE!

11/15/2017: Check out the new Hughes Engines Stage 2 CNC Cylinder Head Porting option for Serious Gen3 Hemi Performance! Click Here!

11/10/2017: If you want your V10 throttle body to perform like our Big Gulp (HUG 5504) throttle body, send it in! Check out our new "Bigger Gulp", only available for your V10 throttle body. Click here!

11/7/2017:  Gen 3 Hemi Cams! More New (Bigger) Cams for Gen 3 Hemis without variable cam timing (VVT) 2003-2008 Click Here

11/6/2017: 440 Top End Power Packages - 500+ HP without stroking! Click Here

9/26/2017: Due to unexpected demand, 426 stroker kits will be available late in October. 435 stroker kits, however, will not be available until March or April of 2018. 

8/18/2017: Looking to stroke your 383? We've added some new stroker kit options HERE. Add more cubic inches, add more power, and utilize your block's potential!

8/8/2017:  Click HERE to see an aluminum block buildup from a recent customer of ours!

6/26/2017:  Check out our latest tech article showcasing the power increases of ported intake manifolds. Click HERE to read more.

6/9/2017: We have recently Dyno tested small block intake manifolds and balancers. We have stock-vs-ported 340 Victor, Super Victor, and Indy 360-1 manifolds. We also tested several SFI dampers. Fluid damper, Innovators West, ATI, and Pro-Race. We hope to have the results on our website this month.

6/5/2017: Due to requests for 2.02" intake valves (for class rules) we have developed porting with a 2.02" intake valve that will equal the 2.055" intake valve. Any CNC super prepped heads ordered after June 6, 2017 will have 2.02" intake valves. HUG 4676SP  HUG 20300SP

5/1/2017: Due to a number of requests, we have developed some rocker pedestal repair and preventative measures for Big Block Edelbrock Victor heads. Click HERE for more information.

3/31/2017:  Which manifold should you use? Single plane vs. dual plane, the dyno tells the story. Read it and weep chatters. Click HERE.

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