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Where are my parts?
Pick One:
Cams, Heads, Manifolds, etc. etc.
Many State governors are using the Covid virus as a way to feed their ego and close down their state's economy. This puts many poeple out of work and they can't pay their bills or taxes. Many of these businesses supply parts to the high performance industry (among others). This is the reason cams, intake manifolds, and many other parts are backordered - so it does matter who you vote for!

 Now Available for Low Deck engines!
Kit includes:
Stainless Steel Valley Tray, (4) .015" beaded intake gaskets, (2) End Rails and (6) Cap Screws
Standard Port Size Only
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Wesley Eisenga picked up 65hp by having Hughes Engines port his Max Wedge Victor heads to our Monster Max Wedge port design. What are you waiting for?
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Check out our HUG SER0814ALN-10 camshaft in this sweet customer ride!

Can You See The Light?

Noisy Lifters?

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 Slant 6 Lovers (That means people who love Slant 6’s, - not lovers who have Slant 6’s.)
Your day has arrived, and your patience rewarded.
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The original EngineQuest High Performance head for Dodge Magnum truck engines - 5.2L and 5.9L from 1993-2003 has been out of production since late Summer 2019. These heads were also known as the "New Zealand" head.
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The Results Are In!
Click here to check out the latest customer Dyno Results using our 
440 Whiplash Cam.
Turn it up!

Find out more about ourby clicking HERE.
For the cam featured in the video, click HERE.

Ivanka Trump Visits Universal Technical Institute

What kind of a father would let his daughter hang around in engine building shops?
It may not be a Mopar, but it's close enough to get 9 votes from here - 2020.

We had to change the above number from 7 votes to 9 votes because we had to hire 2 more people
due to her father's leadership of our country, increasing business!
Thanks President Trump! - 2020 keeping America Great!


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News & Updates

6/23/2020:  Tuners - Do you need one? CLICK HERE to read more. OBD 1 & 2 Magnum Computers Reprogrammed.

4/10/2020: The original EQ High Performance replacement head for the Dodge Magnum truck engine (5.2L and 5.9L) has not been available since September 2019. Click Here To Learn More

1/2/2020:  Do you have noisy lifters? CLICK HERE to find out what makes them tick.

6/12/2018:  Bearing Clearances and Oil Viscosity CLICK HERE

5/15/2018:  More Power for 3.9L, 5.2L, and 5.9L Engines! CLICK HERE

3/30/2018: See how big tires may damage magnum engines! Find out more by clicking HERE.

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